“Energohim is a dynamically developing scientific and production association that develops modern energy and resource-saving technologies, implements its developments at mining and metallurgical enterprises, nuclear energy complexes, and also technological solutions aimed at simplifying the organization of special treatment used by the CBRN units.


Companys mission
The development of new and modernization of existing technological processes of industrial enterprises to solve security problems, reduction of energy consumption
and raw materials, waste minimization and environmental risks.

Our goal
Do not just fulfill the needs of consumers, but anticipate their expectations!


Nuclear energy

  • The beginning of activity since 1995.
  • The concept of complex processing of liquid radioactive waste of nuclear power plants has been developed.
  • The tests have been carried out which have shown the possibility of reducing accumulated liquid radioactive waste by 1000 times.
  • The results of the implementation of the technologies developed by us have been approved by the Coordination Council for the reduction of radioactive wastes of “Rosatom” Corporation and the National Nuclear Power Generating Company “Energoatom”.
  • More than 30 patents have been received.

Special treatment

  • Developed and certified a basic set of special treatment agents BCS-5, which allowed to solve all the main tasks of the CBRN while reducing:
    - nomenclature of special treatment agents in 4 times,
    - consumption of chemical reagents in 1,5-3 times,
    - preparation time for special treatment realization in 2 times.
  • The industrial production of the agents included in BCS-5 is established.
  • 75 printing works on special treatment.


  • Our developments allow to reduce:
    - the cost price of 1 ton of rolled steel at 3-10 USD,
    - the cost price of production of 1 ton of metallurgical lime by 40-50%,
    - dust emission during lime production to 0.
  • The works are implemented at the largest enterprises of Ukraine.
  • More than 20 patents have been received.


The plant generates about 40 billion kWh of electricity annually, which is one fifth of the country's total annual electricity production and half of its production at Ukrainian nuclear power plants. The number of power units is 6. The electrical capacity is 6000 MW. The reactor type is VVER-1000.  
RNPP is the first power plant іn Ukraine with water nuclear reactors and the only one with power units based on the first reactors of these series 2-VVER-440 and 2-VVER-1000. The annual electricity production is about 19 billion kWh. The electric power is 2835 MW.    
Khmelnytska Nuclear Power Plant generates about 15 billion kWh of electricity annually. The number of power units - 2. The type of reactor - VVER-1000. The electric power - 2000 MW. Among the priorities of KNPP is the completion of the third and fourth blocks.
SUNPP generates 17-20 billion kWh of electric power annually. There are 3 VVER-1000 power units at the station. The electric power is 3000 MW.
SSE “Chernobyl NPP”
ChNPP is a halted nuclear power plant on the territory of Ukraine, known in connection with the accident that occurred on April 26, 1986. The official modern name The state-owned specialized enterprise The Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The station is subordinate to the Ministry of Ecology.
State Enterprise “National Nuclear Energy Generating Company “Energoatom” is the operator of four operating nuclear power plants in Ukraine on which 15 nuclear power units are operated, with a total installed capacity of 13,835 MW.  
“ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih”
PJSC “ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih” is the largest enterprise of the Ukrainian mining and metallurgical complex with a full metallurgical cycle and is a part of the world's largest metallurgical company “ArcelorMittal”.
The Ministries of Emergency Situations of several countries
The Ministry of Defense
The Ministries of Defense of several countries
The Ministries of Internal Affairs of several countries
Special forces
Special forces and special services of several countries


All products of the company are certified and tested in accredited laboratories, in profile industrial enterprises and in the troops.
The tactical and technical characteristics of the BCS-5 special treatment agents were discussed at JCBRND-CDG, the Netherlands.
The Certificate of conformity for personal care agent “Bastion”
The Certificate of conformity for the agent for thickening aqueous solutions of the brand “Vertical”
The Certificate of conformity for the agent of disinfection and decontamination “Rosa”
The Certificate of conformity for the agents of the brands “Sht-P”, “Sht-V”, “Sht-KS”, “Sht-C1”, “Sht-C2”, “Sht-K”, “Sht-Shch”, “Sht-DV”, “Sht-MO1”, “Sht-MO2”, “Sht-MO3”
The agent of disinfection and decontamination “Rosa”, The agent of disinfection of the brand “Rubezh” deodorizing and degassing

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Facts about the company
More than 20 years of experience
The company has 5 Candidates of Sciences
13 350 000 square meters of premises and facilities have been deactivated by our agents
More than 100 patents have been received

Scientific and Production Association “Energohim” has been developing and implementing energy and resource-saving technologies in industry for more than 20 years. Currently, 5 Candidates of Sciences are working in the company. Our developments are protected by more than 100 patents of different countries. The technologies developed by “Energohim” are used by the CBRN units of different countries, the largest industrial enterprises of the nuclear power complex, and metallurgy.