Dust suppression agents

DRD 525

It has the ability to prevent for a long time of exploitation the spread of radioactive contaminants in the form of dispersion aerosols with a solid dispersion phase (dust-like impurities) from dusting surfaces (soils: sand and gravel, loams, sandy loam, black earth, and road surfaces: asphalt, gravel, concrete and etc.), into the environment.

RDS 530

It is designed for dust suppression and prevention of the spread of radioactive contaminants for a long time from hard surfaces: concrete, plaster.

Other products
The agents of deactivation of the brand "Sht"

Isolating, localized, dust-suppressing films intended for use in buildings and structures of nuclear power plants, on the territories adjoined to the NPP (industrial site, sanitary protection zone, observation zone), in zones of alienation, in the affected areas (in the place of ejection or explosion), in the conditions of nuclear power plants in the design, construction and operation of nuclear power plants, as well as in carrying out repair and emergency works, facilities and equipment, including in free zones, strict regime (in rooms serviced by dust suppression operations and localization of dust contamination with dust surfaces, securing radioactive and toxic impurities that are in the solid phase (sand, tailings facilities, soil, structures, afforestation, technical means) to prevent separation or leaching into the groundwater.